Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Last Coat

I completely and freely admit to being a coat nut.
I am cuckoo for coats and my closet, if it could speak, would throw it's own door open, point inside at all of the coats and say, "SEE.... I told you she's cuckoo!"
The last coat I purchased this winter season is this lightweight black coat... the Kaleidescope by Columbia which was carried by the Gander Mountain store.
They may or may not have any left in stock... I do know that it also comes in grey.

What I fell in love with when I tried it on was the soft fur collar, the lightweight-ness of the coat and yet it's warmth due to the great technology inside.  The lining reflects your body heat back into the coat instead of it leaving your body and slipping away through the jacket fabric.

I don't feel all bundled up like a Michelin Man, but instead I can wear it while driving rather than having to let my seatbelt squeeze me to death as it stretches around a bulky winter coat.

I did my best to capture these selfies showing the reflective inside liner on the jacket.
AND, as you can see... it was snowing heavily.

Hat from The Leatherhaus
Scarf from The Loft
Lipstick by Revlon
Lip Gloss by Mac

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